My love for baking started at a young age when I received my first Easy Bake Oven. I loved to bake new things in it for everyone in the house. I grew so attached to it and constantly wanted to try new recipes. I used to even read recipe books for fun! At that point I knew baking and watching others enjoy my baking was something I would always have a love for.

Growing up during the holidays, I would be on dessert duty with either my Mom, Aunts, or Grandma, and I would watch in amazement at how you can make such beautiful and tasty cakes simply from a bowl of batter.

I've gained so much knowledge over the years from family members as well as watching the Food Network station on television. To be honest, my TV is rarely on any other station. Every helpful hint, tip, and constructive piece of criticism I have received, has helped me become such a great baker. Fast forward to COVID-19, I decided I couldn't sit still anymore during the pandemic so I chose to start perfecting my craft. With the support of my son born in 2018, along with my family, and God; I prayerfully launched my business: Bree Zee Treats in September 2020.

Brianna Danielle <3